Terms and Conditions

We strive to offer very high level concerts for our customers. We can reach this goal among other things by the fact that we specialize in a smaller culture range (classical concerts). Further we have a smaller as well as clearer offer spectrum of renowned concerts.

You can pay your tickets online with your creditcard.
We accept Visa, MasterCard/Eurocard, JCB, American Express and Diners .
Also transfers on our account after demand are possible.
Indicated prices in Euro (€) are obligatory, the rate of exchanges in other currencies depend on the current rate.

How do I receive my ordered tickets?
Your tickets can be picked up at the concert entrance right before the concert starts.
Please show your ID-Card (Voucher) and your order confirmation there to get your tickets.

Cancellation or rebooking of tickets.
48 hours before the concert date is unfortunately not possible cancellation of reserved tickets.
The rebooking of tickets ordered 48 hours from the start of the concert is not possible.
By ordering 10 (“ten”) or more tickets, the order can be cancelled not later than 7 days before the ordered concert day. The customer then receives 80% of the total order amount.

What happens with the tickets if a concert drops out?
If a concert drops out we refund the total amount you purchased your tickets for. For this you should not have to do anything. There are no tickets that must be sent back to us because we do normally not send the tickets to you after successful order procedure. Therefore you do not need to worry about any return dates.
Within 2 months your money should be on your account again. In our experience the customer becomes his order amount during the first couple of weeks, but we do not guarantee that it goes so fast for all customers. If you should not see your order amount after 2 months, please send us an email to office@royal-classic.at and we will worry about it immediately!

Data protection
The protection of personal data of our customers is the basis of a trusting relationship between us and you. If you order by www.royal-classic.at, we need your name, address, email address, telephone number and your payment information. These informations are compellingly necessary for the completion of your order.
We commit ourselves to immediately delete your payment information after it has been processed.