About us

Vienna Royal Orchestra Tradition at its purest form

The unique charm of Vienna as a historical city with imperial background and stunning views all over town is definitely one of a kind. We at the Vienna Royal Orchestra strongly believe in our vision of bringing the magical history back to life with every single show we play. Every time you step into the world of classic music with us we will try nothing but our best to take your breath away. With the rhythm of tradition and the beat of classic music from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss we would love to welcome you to an unforgettable Viennese experience – a night with our orchestra. To maintain all the values and pay tribute with the highest of respect to the Viennese history, the Vienna Royal Orchestra was founded by members of the great Viennese orchestras. More than 150 well known artists in the classical music scene make us to who we are today, an orchestra with passion for tradition.

This is us

Enchanted by music, impressed by tradition

With our passion for classic music and the admiration for the exceptional Viennese history we work very hard but even more passionate on our goal to bring the magic of the past back to life every time we perform. Our talented musicians, singers and dancers are proud flagships of true performance quality. Behind the scenes we are always anxious to create the best conditions for our guests so they can leave with memories that will last forever.

To combine extraordinary musical performances with the most honest art of entertainment we want to bring the Viennese tradition to you as a guest of the Vienna Royal Orchestra. Artists, musicians and dancers from the top ensembles of the Vienna Orchestras – such as the Vienna Philharmonic, the Vienna Symphony Orchestra and the Radio Symphony Orchestra – we would like to enchant you with classical music by Mozart, Beethoven and Strauss with the spirit of the past. Performances by world class soloists together with ballet dancers and passionate instrumental musicians we create an authentic experience. A memorable experience only Vienna knows how to host.

‚Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy.‘

Ludwig van Beethoven

Great masterpieces composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven and Johann Strauss are still shaping Vienna as a historical music city.

Perfectly staged entertainment allows classic music fans to leave every show with unforgettable memories. With style and dignified pride, Vienna remains a leading music city, setting tone in living tradition with its unmistakable charm. It is almost like as if a piece of the past is only waiting to be discovered at every corner of the Inner City. Get carried away by classically staged concerts and enjoy an unforgettable experience.